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  • TV Journalist & Host, Author,
    Founder & President Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program

    Jennifer Valoppi is a multi-Emmy Award winning TV journalist, award winning author and social entrepreneur, who has been recognized ten times on the floor of the United States Congress and is a recipient of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s Points of Light Award, the highest honor in Florida.

    Valoppi just released THE WAY IT WAS: My Life with Frank Sinatra (Hachette Books/October 24, 2017), a candid and eye-opening look at Frank Sinatra, a personal friend of Valoppi’s and told by his long-time manager, Eliot Weisman.

    As President & Founder of the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program, which celebrates in 20th Anniversary in 2017, Valoppi directs the mentoring of 4400 at-risk girls in close to 200 public high schools in dozens of cities in South Florida, Metro Detroit and Philadelphia, with a network of hundreds of highly accomplished professional women as mentors. Over $6 million dollars in college scholarships have been awarded to graduates of the program.

    Valoppi is a veteran TV news anchor and host in Miami, New York and Los Angeles and has appeared on network, local, cable and nationally syndicated programs as well as consulting on and appearing in film.

    Credits include appearances on the television series Graceland, Host of PBS’s Orphans of the Genocide, and frequent TV, radio and speaking engagements on a range of issues including female empowerment, mentoring, journalism and her award winning novel, Certain Cure, a medical/spiritual thriller.

    Valoppi was the lead anchor at NBC6 Miami from 1994-2005, taking the station from a distant #2 to #1 in the ratings in a matter of two months and remaining there through her tenure as anchor.

    Valoppi was news anchor at New York’s superstation WWOR-TV for 7 years and created, hosted and produced two of WWOR’s most successful entertainment specials –“Money, Power& Influence, I & II,”which was nominated for “Best New Syndicated Program,” and won two New York Emmy Awards for “Best On-Air Talent” and “Best Entertainment Special.”

    She has consulted on and appeared in film projects, including Up Close & Personal, with Michele Pfeiffer and Robert Redford.

    Valoppi conducted hundreds of celebrity interviews for the NBC network show One on One with John Tesh, hosted NBC Sports Specials, ABC’s New York Street Stories, numerous shows for CNBC, and the nationally syndicated The Kennedy Assassinations, along with Robert Conrad. She was a celebrity panelist on The Dr. Ruth Show and the remake of To Tell the Truth. Her shows, the Flavors of Italy and the Wines of Italy, were internationally syndicated and were some of the longest running and most successful shows on the Travel Channel.

    Valoppi began her career as a weathercaster and medical/science editor for WEYI, in Flint, Michigan, and as investigative reporter for WPTV in West Palm Beach, she won national recognition for helping free of man facing the electric chair.

    Valoppi holds an honorary Ph.D. from St. Thomas University, studied in a Doctoral Program for Media Ecology at New York University and holds a B.A. in psychology from Oakland University in Michigan.

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