What If Your Novel Hits on a Controversial Topic?

What If Your Novel Hits on a Controversial Topic? by @jennifervaloppi #novel #controversial #nanochip

Science Fiction becomes Science Fact with a nanochip for early cancer detection now under development.

Can a Certain Cure be far away?

I’m happy to announce that my novel, Certain Cure: Where Science Meets Religion, is now available as an eBook and on audio books including Audible, written and read by me. If you would like to hear a sample, I’m happy to read it to you in this clip.  

This section is about Justin Cummings, the teenage son of New York talk show host, Helene Cummings. Justin, who adores his dying grandmother, is seeing strange visions which eventually set him on a mission to discover the dark secret behind the miracle nanochip that promises to cure his grandmother of incurable cancer and so much more. 

Certain Cure is an end days thriller with a sci-fi bent, that is particularly poignant at a time when nanotechnology really is being developed to detect and even cure cancer. That was a pretty far out notion when the book was first published in 2007. Now I’ve updated and revised it for this new release. 

In Sweden, thousands of people have already had microchips inserted under their skin. They are designed for conveniently accessing homes, offices, etc., with just a swipe of the hand. If a phone already knows your exact location or how many steps you took today, what more could a nanochip know? And of course you could never just leave an implant behind.

Some people say our phones already know everything about us, they have nothing to hide. Others say the right to privacy is sacred, and an implant is the biblical mark of the beast. 

What do you think? Would get an implant if you could be cured of cancer or find eternal youth?

Some believe immortality, or close to it, may be attained in our lifetimes. So, if man is on an eternal quest for immortality, when he finds it, does the search for God become irrelevant?


Write when you’ve read/listened to it, and tell me your thoughts in the comments below. 



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